Fund science and explore the world with renowned researchers

We’re excited to announce!  Petridish is a new community through which science-lovers can participate in new discoveries and scientists can raise funding for their projects.

The internet is an amazing force for pooling the small actions of many to make a large impact.  Crowdfunding has transformed the way ideas and projects get funded in many areas, but not yet for science.  We’re here to change that.

Over time, we’ll bring you exciting scientific and academic projects and allow you to join forces with researchers to make new discoveries happen.  In exchange for your contributions, you’ll get insider access to progress on research you are passionate about.  You could also receive rewards like souvenirs from the field, beautiful maps, original photographs, or even acknowledgments in journals and naming rights to new species.

Our goal is to change the culture of science by engaging the public in new ideas from the start.

We’re launching soon, so please join our mailing list, and follow us on facebook & twitter so we can notify you of the latest developments.

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