New crowdfunded science projects on!

Today, a new group of exciting science projects has launched on, offering opportunities for backers to help make important discoveries and receive fun rewards!  Now, anybody can be a part of science history by backing a worthy project.

With this week’s batch of projects you can receive a:

  • DNA analysis of your dog by researchers
  • Live puppy shipped to you from an African village (we’re not kidding!)
  • Wall map of Antarctica
  • Masai blanket or beadwork
  • And much more!

The new projects are:

Redrawing an ancient supercontinent 

By: John Goodge (University of Minnesota) 

Rock samples that our Antarctic expedition collected are one of the few ways we can build a better picture of the continent hidden beneath the polar ice cap, and redraw the conventional map of Rodinia.


Decoding Hyena Calls in the Maasai Mara 

By: Andy Gersick (University of Pennsylvania)

The hyena’s whoop is one of the eeriest, most distinctive sounds of the African bush. What function do whoops serve, and how do these carnivores use vocal communication?


Finding and Saving Nicaragua’s Last Population of Jaguars

By: Kim Williams-Guillén (Paso Pacífico)

Jaguars are among the most charismatic and important large carnivores in Latin America. However, they have lost much of their range to human activities like logging, ranching, and hunting.


Are there estrogens in your backyard?

By: David Skelly, Geoff Giller, & Max Lambert  (Yale University)

We used to think that estrogen pollution was mainly an issue in agricultural areas. But it is becoming clear that there may be significant contamination right in our backyards.


Tracking ancient dog populations in Africa 

By: Adam Boyko (Cornell University) & Ryan Boyko (Yale University)

We’ll gather DNA from village dogs in remote parts of Africa, uncovering ancient genes that have disappeared from bred dogs. These genes will help study dog and human genetic diseases and unravel the history of dog domestication

Check out one of our exciting new projects and become a backer today!

About Petridish was founded to help researchers raise money for important and interesting research projects.  In the current environment, funding for science and research is increasingly hard to come by; yet, basic discovery, research and innovation are more important than ever to society.

On Petridish, researchers post materials about themselves and their research, and the public can discover projects that are exciting to them.  In exchange for contributing to the project, backers receive insider updates on the research, naming rights to new discoveries, and other exciting souvenirs from the work.   Now anybody can be a part of science history and contribute to a new discovery.

You can learn more about us, and back or post a project at

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