We did it! First two projects have reached their goals!

We did it!  As of yesterday, our second project has reached its funding goal– and it was a big one!  David Kipping’s “Help us find the first exomoon” passed $10,000 and still has time to go to raise more before the deadline in 12 days.  David’s team is searching for the first ever moon outside of the solar system, using data from Kepler.  If he raises additional funds past the $10,000, he’ll be able to get more computing capacity to speed up the search. Help David keep spreading the word and congratulations to all 199 backers so far!

And in case you haven’t already seen it, Kevin Miklasz’s project “The mystery of tiny algal spores” also recently reached it’s goal!  Kevin is exploring how environmental factors like waves impact the size of algal spores, and will use the funds to continue his PhD research on the subject.  Aside from the interesting research topic, he is also creating framed pressings of the algae species used in his research for his backers.  You can still back him before the deadline and get one for yourself.

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