New Discovery Funded by Petridish Published in Science!

We have very exciting news: the first new discovery funded on Petridish has been published!  Congratulations to Dr. David Kipping and his team for their publication on May 10th in Science!

Dr. Kipping’s research exploring the existence of exomoons, moons outside of our solar system, sought to advance the search for extraterrestrial life while also increasing our understanding of planets and solar systems.  Their project, named HEK, or Hunting Exomoons with Kepler, used data from the Kepler telescope to detect wobbling motion of planets resulting from the tug of a moon.

The funding Dr. Kipping and his team received from Petridish enabled them to purchase a supercomputer that could sift through the Kepler telescope’s data 24 hours a day.  While the team has not yet discovered the first exomoon, the supercomputer helped them discover a new planet that cannot be directly seen by the Kepler telescope.  Read about their incredible discovery here.

We look forward to seeing many similar successes as more projects get funded on Petridish!

To read the abstract of Dr. Kipping’s article in Science, click here.  Science Magazine subscribers are able to read the full text here.  You can see Dr. Kipping’s completed project on Petridish below:

Help us find the first exomoon

We want to study the existence of exomoons, or moons outside of the solar system. Not only will this enhance our understanding of solar systems, but because moons are potentially habitable, we could advance the search for life.



One thought on “New Discovery Funded by Petridish Published in Science!

  1. if we get extra planets outside out solar system then comes in also extra moons and I think that there is so much to discover that we will take an eternity upon eternities to finish discovering and then still not finish and have an eternity to carry on with.

    In otherwords discovering will never stop and there will be always new evidence to find

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