Open Science: Bringing Science to the Public

We are at a crossroads right now:  as we enter a new era of Open Science.  A great article in the NYTimes recently discussed new willingness of scientists to engage the public in research, earlier in the scientific discovery cycle.  Organizations such as the Open Society Foundation Open Science Initiative, are gaining momentum.

Michael Nielson is one champion of the Open Science movement, not to mention a leader in quantum computation.   In his book Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science Nielsen talks about how online tools are transforming science today, holding the potential to speed up scientific discovery.    To realize the maximum potential of these online opportunities, he argues in this book, science needs to be OPEN.

Nielson defines Open Science as:

Open Science is the idea that scientific knowledge of all kinds should be openly shared as early as is practical in the discovery process.

Here at Petridish, we are excited about this new era of open science.  Our goal is to change the culture of science by engaging the public in new ideas from the start.  But while science is opening up, at the same time, researchers are constrained by a lack of money.  As the US struggles with budget cuts in the wake of the financial crisis, Science funding is on the chopping block.

In response, offers scientists a critical resource: crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has transformed the way ideas and projects get funded in many areas, but not yet science. is here to change that.  Now scientists have a dedicated community and platform to promote research, educate and engage the public, and raise money all at once.  Join forces with researchers to make new discoveries happen.